CREVIERE for US Congress! 

Jean-Michel Creviere

from Holland, MI

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Hello fellow citizens of the 2nd congressional district.  My name is Jean-Michel Creviere.  Most people call me JM.  Today,  August 16th  2019, I am announcing my candidacy for nomination to the Green Party for Representative to the United States Congress from the second district of Michigan, by the lakeshore of beautiful Holland, MI.


 Should my candidacy turn into nomination, I’ll be running against incumbent Republican Bill Huizenga.


Bill Huizenga voted to stop manure from being considered as a pollutant or a hazardous material.  Last week, the results of that were not pretty at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River.  The Honorable Representative sponsored legislation to allow run-off pesticides without a permit into our lakes.  I would not have voted for that.


Rep. Huizenga voted against EPA regulation resulting in the dumping of toxic chemicals into Lake MI.  Recently those chemicals came from the waste of coal plants, as a result of EPA deregulation.  Bill Huizenga is a climate change denier.  I support a strong EPA, not the gutted shell it has become.


Representative Huizenga is not in favor of legalizing marijuana.  I support legalization without favoring big business.   Let farmers and retailers go about their business.


Rep. Huizenga  voted against calling out the President on his racist remarks, enabling a continued campaign of hate.   I look for your like minded support against this leadership, asking you to consider me instead as your next representative from the 2nd district. This country was created by an idea,  one that perpetuates to this day.  I’m not asking for your money, but asking for your vote.  Truth and progress will trump lies and hate.


Sincerely yours,


Jean-Michel Creviere

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